Types of Wedding Venues You Should Know

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Your wedding venue will set the entire tone and atmosphere of your big day. Beyond aesthetics, the venue type also impacts your budget, the number of guests, vendors required, and more logistical factors. It’s important to understand the main categories of wedding venues so you can make the best choice for your needs.

Wedding Venues Types

Indoor Venues

From intimate restaurants to grand ballrooms, indoor venues provide climate control and an accessible setup regardless of weather. Popular options include:

Hotels – Offer one-stop wedding services like catering and guest rooms. Range from budget chains to luxury.
Banquet Halls – Provide a blank event space to decorate and customise. Catering is often in-house.
Restaurants – Already have food covered! Reserve space in a favourite eatery.
Mansions – For a lavish, sophisticated affair in refined historic homes.

Wedding Venues

How To Choose a Venue In London

Outdoor Venues

Outdoor weddings evoke a sense of natural beauty and romance. Consider:

Gardens – Public or private gardens offer vibrant floral backdrops.
Rustic Barns – Offer casual, eclectic charm for reunions and receptions.
Parks – Provide open-air freedom to decorate ceremony and reception areas.
Beachside – Dreamy oceanside setting for ultimate tranquility.

Mixed Indoor/Outdoor Options

Some venues feature options for both indoor and outdoor spaces:

Ranches – Host the ceremony outside and move the reception to the barn.
Vineyards – Exchange vows amid rolling vines and dine indoors near the cellar.
Historic Homes – Use patios for cocktails before moving inside for dinner.
As you narrow down your wedding venue, determine whether you prefer indoors or outdoors for each part, from ceremony to reception and more. The combinations are endless!

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